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New to the area

A whole new start

If you are new to Caerphilly, things will of course seem a bit different at first but with our help we can work together to support you. Health workers, teachers and carers can offer a whole host of services to welcome you.

To get the best start, make sure you register with a local doctor and find out about schools. Caerphilly School Admissions Service and Family Information Service will be able to help you. Going to clubs or local activities will help your child make new friends and begin a new enjoyable learning experience. Young people find it easier to make friends if they have something in common.

Trying to make new friends yourself is not always easy, but once you’ve made the effort you will be pleased you did. Join local clubs or learn a new skill - this way you will immediately have something in common with everyone else. Becoming a volunteer is a great way to get to know people and add to your work experience. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if there’s anything you don’t understand.

Get help

Caring professionals will aim to understand your cultural preferences and overcome any language barriers, to help make you feel confident and settled as soon as possible. Remember you are not alone - there is a network of support for you out there.


You are new to the area and feel alone. You do not know anyone.


Do not shut others out - enjoy meeting new people and seeing new places.


Find out about local clubs, schools and activities. Try to chat to at least one new person every day.