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Choosing children’s activities

Safe at all times

Parents and carers have a right and a responsibility to ensure that children are safe at all times. Organisations have a responsibility to be open and welcoming and to share information about themselves and their activities. Daycare activities, such as pre-school playgroups are required to register with CSSIW.

But not all organisations providing supervised activities such as uniformed organisations, sports clubs and youth clubs - have to register, yet they still have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for your child.

Many activities are supported by volunteers who generously give their time to provide regular activities for your child. However, whether or not workers are paid, you have the right to expect the same standards from all organisations.

Visit the club or activity you are considering for your child and chat to other parents. It is important you know what your child will be doing and who will be there to supervise them. Clubs and activities often start at school age. You can get information on local events and activities from Caerphilly Family Information Service


You may be worried about pointing out your concerns in case it affects your child. If you are worried you should:

Check it out

A good organisation will welcome questions about their activities and the safety of their surroundings. All organisations should have a child protection policy, including a statement on, and guidelines about, keeping children safe. You can also ask if the staff and volunteers are suitable and have had the right checks to be able to work with children. Check out if there is a written code of behaviour.


Listen to your child and ask questions about the activities they take part in.


Are you able to watch or become involved in the club or activity?


Find out as much as you can before your child joins a club or activity. Make sure you feel happy.