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All kinds of parents

Your family is unique

There’s no such thing as an ‘average’ family - every family is different. Growing up with one parent can be a good thing, leading to a close relationship. Encourage your child to spend time with their other parent if it’s safe and possible. Help them to understand that it’s okay to love you both.

Young parents may face extra challenges. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for support and advice. Your education may have to be cut short, but don’t give up on plans for the future. Make sure that you have good, reliable childcare.

In a new relationship, everyone needs time to get used to things. Change can make us all feel unsafe, so it’s important to make sure everyone feels secure. Take things slowly and carefully.

Grandparents can help out and are an important link to family history and a sense of belonging. Their experience can be useful. They have lives of their own so don’t ask them to do too much. In family break downs they may lose touch.

We are all equal

Diversity is all about differences. We are all different - physically, socially, culturally and sexually. You may have a child with Special Educational Needs (SEN) or a disability.

But not everyone values and respects the differences in society. Discrimination is when you are treated differently just because of who you are. Although we’re all different we all have the right to equal respect, opportunity and justice.

Foster Care

Could you make a difference? If you have enjoyed being a parent consider becoming a foster carer and use your skills and enthusiasm to help other children and families. Contact the Caerphilly Placement Team on 0800 587 5664.


We are separating and my child will be living with me.


Is he feeling insecure? Have you neglected his feelings?


A stable family life is important to children. Remind them that you both still love them.