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Building blocks to encourage good behaviour

Positive feedback

Every day, your child learns new things. It’s what makes childhood such an exciting time. Your child will learn from you and your example. As a parent, you have an important job in teaching them about your values and beliefs. Start this now and you’ll see all your hard work pay off in the future.

Childhood is a good time to teach them good behaviour because they respect and want to be close to you. Using positive feedback is a great idea. Give lots of praise to build up your child’s self-esteem by talking about their strengths and not their weaknesses. Your opinion of your child has a huge impact on what they think of themselves, so being too critical can damage confidence.

You can use positive feedback when your child is misbehaving too. Make it clear that you’re upset about their behaviour, not them.

Have fun with your child

Life is often so busy that many parents don’t have time to sit down and spend time playing with their child. Play is important because it helps your child feel good about themselves. Having fun with your child is as important as them having their own friends and hobbies.


It’s up to you to set boundaries in your child’s life - most children are happier living with rules. Be consistent, don’t tell your child off for jumping on the sofa one minute and then let them do it the next. Rules work better if your child knows why they exist.


ls your child’s self-esteem low? Do they say things like “I’ll never be able to do this right.”


Praise your child when they’re good and when they have done something difficult.


Develop a good relationship with them before they reach their teens.