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Dads matter

An important part of your child’s life

Becoming a dad is a fantastic experience, and one that will change your life.  However, with it will come lots of questions, and you may find yourself having worries or concerns about becoming a father. You may find that it helps to talk to other fathers about their experiences, as most of them will have asked themselves the same questions.

Fathers play a significant role in the lives of their children, and this is often underestimated. Research shows that children who have a positive relationship with their dads are more likely to do better at school, be more confident, and develop better adult relationships.

Children need to feel that they have unconditional love from both of their parents, and that whatever happens in life their parents will always be there for them. Therefore, try and develop a caring and loving environment for your child and get involved with their schoolwork and their extra curricular activities.


Dads can often be forgotten, but it is important to remember that both parents are just as important as each other. Parents need to work together and keep to the same rules. This applies when disciplining your child, and it is also important that you do not take sides in an argument. You should also never argue with your child’s mother in front of your child, and if you are separated, its important to get on well together.

You can never overestimate the effect that a dad can have on their children’s lives. Therefore, it is important to get involved, as much as possible, as you can have a huge effect on your child. If you are worried or have any concerns then try talking to other fathers about their experiences.


Are there warning signs that your relationship with your child is suffering?


Children, who have a positive relationship with their dads, are more likely to succeed at school.


Listen and talk to your child, and try to be involved in their lives as much as possible.