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Childminding and daycare

How do I make the right choice?

You are responsible for the safety and well-being of your children. It is important that you think carefully about the person you are going to leave them with, whether this is a babysitter, childminder, at a nursery or with a relative or friend. Caerphilly Family Information Service can provide you with information on registered childcare in your local area as well as advice on choosing suitable childcare.

When you leave your child in the care of someone else you want them to be as well cared for and safe as they are with you. Therefore when choosing childcare talk Caerphilly Family Information Service and other parents, take your time and visit a number of settings. Do not be afraid of asking to see qualifications and registration certificates from organisations such as the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW).

Babysitters do not need qualifications or certificates and it is recommended they are over 16. A good babysitter will have a good reputation locally. Even with family and trusted friends you should establish rules and let them know your childcare routines, like bedtimes and food they like. Also let them know about any allergies and leave a number to contact you in an emergency.

Types of childcare

Ensure your chosen childcare is registered with CSSIW.

If your child is between three and four years old, they are entitled to a free part-time nursery place. Early education and nursery classes are usually open during term time. Children attend on a sessional basis. For more information contact Caerphilly Family Information Service on (029) 2035 1700 (Mon-Fri 8.30am-4.30pm).


You would like your child to be cared for by a childminder in their home.


Has anyone been recommended? Talk to the Caerphilly Family Information Service.


Check qualifications and visit more than once at different times of day. Make sure you feel happy.