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Family values

Spending time with their grandparents is important for children as it can help create a family bond. Grandparents are an important link to family histories and can provide your children with a sense of belonging. They are a link to your familiy's past and can offer valuable insight into your children’s lives.

Try to encourage a close bond between your children and their grandparents, as a good grandparent/grandchild relationship is valuable to both parties. Being close to their grandparents teaches children the value of family support and will help them in the future. The care that a grandparent can give a child is both personal and special.
You should always speak to your children's grandparents in a positive and loving manner, as even if you have mixed feelings about your parents or in-laws, your children probably adore them. However, you shouldn’t take advantage of grandparents and ask them to do too much, as they still have their own busy lives.

Advice and support

Remember that Grandparents can be an invaluable source of advice and support and they will have had years of experience dealing with things that help a family run smoothly. However parenting advice often changes so they may have a different way of doing things and it may sometimes feel like they are criticising your methods. However it is likely that they are just trying to be helpful, so try talking to them about how you feel.

Coping with change

Grandparents may also need help when coming to terms with changes in your family. For example, they may lose access to much-loved grandchildren when relationships break-up, or have to adjust to new family members when new relationships start. Be aware that grandparents may sometimes have health issues of their own; don’t ask them to do too much as they have their own lives to live.


My child doesn’t ask many questions about their grandparents or ask when they are going to see them?


Are they involved enough?


Try to encourage a close bond between your children and their grandparents.