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Loss and bereavement

Coping with loss

Loss of a loved one can be through their death, moving away, divorce or separation, or a parent in prison.

Death of a loved one causes a range of feelings as they try to cope with what’s happened. They may feel anger at the person who died, at you, at others or themselves. They may feel guilty, possibly blaming themselves in some way. Talk about what has happened as much as they want to.

Coping with a miscarriage is a heartbreaking experience. You will need to allow yourself and your partner a chance to grieve and to come to terms with the loss. Every person's experience of bereavement is different. In time, you will be able to look to the future again. When you're ready to think about trying again, it is good to know that most women go on to have a healthy baby in the future.

There are organisations who can support you through your loss for more information contact Caerphilly Family Information Service.

Parents in prison

Encourage your child to keep in touch, perhaps by writing letters or drawing pictures. Let them know that their parent in prison still loves them and talk to them about a possible prison visit. Talk about what you will tell others and how your child feels about that. They may not wish friends at school to know. You may wish to tell your child’s school in confidence so they can offer them support.


You and your partner have separated.


How will this affect my child?


Let them know you will both still be there for them.