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Returning to work or study

Getting back on track

Back to work

Returning to work after a period of unemployment, or returning to work after any extended period away from the job such as a maternity leave, bereavement or caring responsibilities can prove to be quite daunting. You may feel that your skills have become outdated or your ability to deal with people has been diminished.

You will also have many practical and emotional issues to consider before making your decision, such as childcare, finances and support. Holding down a job or course, running a house and being a loving mum or dad can be a lot to juggle!
However once back at work you'll soon find a routine that works for you and your child. And being a working parent also has huge benefits, not least to your family's finances and to your self-esteem.

Back to education

Deciding to re-train is a big step and one that requires a lot of thought. Can you afford the time for example? How will you manage childcare? Do you have family who can help or is there affordable childcare at the college? The best way to start is to write a list of questions down and consider each one carefully. Once you have a workable plan, you can start searching for the right course.

New skills

Learning new skills as a parent can be exceptionally rewarding - especially if you want to pursue a new career, climb up the work ladder or start your own business. If you're concerned you might be the oldest one in the class, don't be! Returning to education is commonplace these days and there are lots of options for parents who need to balance training and education with childcare and family.

Effect on benefits

Going back to work may have an impact on any entitlements and benefits you receive as a carer. The amount of hours you do, how much you earn and your savings will be taken into consideration. For more information visit TaxAndBenefits/index.htm


I’m thinking of returning to work.


Is this the right decision for me and my family?


Do your research so you can make an informed choice.