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Starting school

Change and transition

For children, any kind of change or transition can be scary. Start thinking about your child’s early learning place well in advance and research their new nursery or school. It can be a difficult time for parents too.

Nursery school. Being in a large group of children, sometimes for the first time can be a frightening experience. Try going to a Parent and Toddler Group, or attend other activities where other small children are around so they get used to mixing. Be patient if they become clingy and take it slowly.

Starting school. This is a big change in your child’s life. Try to prepare them for what will happen and encourage their independence. Visit the school before they start. Talk to their Teacher and share information about your child that may help.

Secondary school. Your child was used to being one of the oldest and now they may be one of the youngest. This can be a difficult time. Make sure your child knows they can tell you about any problems, especially bullying. Exam times can be stressful so be patient and supportive.

If your child has a disability or SEN there are more things to think about. Caerphilly Children with Disabilities Team can be contacted on (02920) 849700. Caerphilly School Admissions Unit on (01443) 864870 and Caerphilly Family Information Service on (01443) 86 32 32 for further information.


Give your child lots of support and make sure they know what to expect.

They may feel nervous and say they feel too ill to go to school. They may also be angry towards you or cry -this is all quite normal.

You might worry how your child is going to cope with being in a new environment, have confidence in them and be strong for them.


You are feeling anxious about your child starting school.


Do not let your child know how you feel, be strong for them.


Be positive about the exciting change. Talk to your child and reassure them about what’s happening.