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Worried about a child

Receiving support

Very few adults harm children deliberately and most often, when harm does happen, families need support, not punishment or the removal of their children. Caerphilly social workers and other professionals get involved when parents may be unable to protect their children from harm and need some help.

Speak out and consider how you would feel if it was your child. Discuss your concerns in confidence with Children’s Services who offer support and information, contact Caerphilly Intake and Child Protection Team on 0808 100 1727.

When we suspect, witness or are told of a child that is being harmed, action should be taken to stop things getting worse. Your information could be very important. Long-term abuse can have a negative affect on a child for the rest of their lives.

Abuse at home

When we suspect abuse of a child in our own home, we can react in many different ways. We may feel guilt, anger, disbelief or denial. Some of these reactions can prevent help getting to a child who needs it. You may not tell others because you fear that the children will be at further risk of harm. You may love the person who is causing the harm and not want to believe what is happening. You need to put your child’s safety first.

What can I do?

If someone you know is having difficulties, you could offer the following:

If the family is unable to cope and they do nothing to get help you need to report it.


There are many signs of abuse, from physical injury to changes in behaviour.


Make sure your child knows who they can share worries with if and when they need to.


Seek advice about what practical and emotional support is available from schools and Children’s Centres.