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Be natural

Parental instinct

Parents know their children best and it is important to remember to enjoy this exciting period in your child's development!

Talk to your baby from day one as this will help you get to know each other and will give your child a great start in life. Talk in a natural way about what your child is doing, seeing and hearing. Listen to the sounds and the words they say and respond so that your child knows you are listening. Read stories together from a young age and make sure you make communicating fun.

Your child will learn language best when:

As they get older:

Give your child your undivided attention and chat to your baby in everyday circumstances. For example the supermarket is a great place to chat to your baby and introduce them to new words.


Playing is also a great way for your child to learn about the world. Try to spend time everyday playing together as newborns love physical play, especially when you gently tickle their face or count their fingers and toes. When they are a little older you can introduce safe toys and make lots of sounds to go with them. That way your child will hear different speech sounds and learn that listening to voices is fun.


Make sure that when speaking, your child has your undivided attention.


Communication isn’t just about words, but your tone of voice and your facial expressions too.


Make talking fun. Children will react better and learn quicker.