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Speech and language therapy

The myths - true or false

The pre-school years are an important time in regards to speech and language development. Sometimes families feel that there are reasons to wait to have their child seen by a speech and language therapist. Some think its better to wait and see if your child outgrows the problem. However, children’s communication can be assessed at any age, and children often benefit from direct intervention early.

If your child is slower in their speech and language development than other children their age, you may feel it is something to do with their gender or that it will improve once they start school. However, boys are not necessarily slower to talk than girls and early problems are best addressed as soon as possible. Early intervention will help your child gain the skills they need to be successful at school.

Communication can also be assessed in ways other than speech, so by seeking intervention you could receive suggestions to help encourage speech and language skills in case your child doesn’t outgrow their delay.


Speech and language therapy for children with speech and language difficulties, such as stammering is available under the NHS. Speech and language therapists work with children both individually and in groups. They can also refer your child to a specialist centre or intensive course.


If your child is slow to talk or frustrated during interactions, they may be having trouble expressing themselves..


By seeking help you could receive suggestions on ways to encourage speech and language skills.


Don’t be afraid to seek help and intervention early. Early problems are best addressed as soon as possible.