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Language development from 3 years +

Growing up

Your child is now moving out of babyhood into childhood. They should now be talking in simple sentences and it is usual for them to stutter and stumble when trying to express themselves.

Reading is a great way to further develop your child’s speech and language skills and they should enjoy story time and be happy to engage in conversation. Stories are also a great way to teach cultural lessons, so children who read will become familiar with values and lessons they may not come into contact with in their own lives.

At four to five years of age your child should be able to speak clearly and in mostly correct sentences. They will constantly be picking up new words and phrases and at about four years, some children speak with a lisp. However, this is usually outgrown soon after. Sounds should get easier for your child by the time they reach their fifth birthday. You should consult your GP or speech and language therapist if they are still having difficulty with sounds or if you don’t think they are making steady progress.


Once your child is comfortable with verbal speech and reading, writing is a great way to further their development. You and your child can do this together.

You can continue to actively assist your child’s language development by speaking, listening, reading and writing. If you are worried about their language development consult your GP or speech and language therapist.


Your child should now be talking in simple sentences.


Stories are a great way to engage your child and teach them about the world.


Continue to assist your child’s language development. Engage them in conversations and read and write together.